Liverpool Lifestyle Awards 2017


Best part of our business is that we can go from doing children’s parties to corporate awards ceremonies just like recently we worked with Amanda Moss when she approached us to assist her with Liverpool Lifestyle Awards 2017 to ensure the smooth running of the visual presentation and aiding the coordination of the evening. 

We had numerous meetings with the Amanda leading up to the event, helping seek sponsors, sell tables and promote the event on our social media streams. 

For any corporate event we look at the presentation of the event which we helped redesign the visual presentation with some back and forth with Amanda until she was happy with the final product which represented the brand and standard of the event.

Having regular meetings but having the final management meeting the week of the event to finalise arrangements and discuss roles on the night but like any event, there are last minute changes and additions to the event like wanting chair covers which we agreed to do (there are a few items we have ourselves and one of them is black or white covers) and a request for us to seek centre pieces.  We spoke with one of our partners and they agreed to do 32 centres.  We ordered the chosen colour sashes that went with the black and gold theme which we arranged to be delivered by express delivery.

To save a bit of time we went to the venue the evening before the event with chair covers etc so we could get full capacity in the car the morning of the event.  On the day of the event we went to the venue about 11am to start setting up the chair covers, table placements and ensuring there is enough room between tables for the catwalks that would be taking place on the night.  It took us about 4 hours to have the venue ready for the centre pieces to arrive and for the AV company to be ready to test the visual presentation on the screen later on for when we returned.

We arrived back at the venue before the Amanda arrived to go over the venue, lighting etc.  When she arrived the look on her face was amazed and happy with how the room has turned out.  With working with the AV company prior, the laptop with the presentation was ready to go through to make sure everything was in the correct order and during the evening Amanda was making sure her cue cards were in the correct order as the presentation.  With having entertainment on the evening, we arranged time for sound checks to be done so the acts where happy with sound, volume and set up of the room.

The evening ran smoothly and without a hitch and making sure all nominees were in the room and entertainment were ready for their performance.

It was a fantastic event celebrating local Liverpool businesses, congratulations to all that was nominated and well done to all the winners on the night.

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