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We want you to know more about us... GoEvents is a family run business who understands that life can be hard, challenging and there isnt enough time in the day which is why 4 years ago we came up with the idea of what you see today.  A family servicing companies, people and families to relieve them of stress and save them time.

GoEvents is fastly growing but the team behind it are the same with more drive and passion to give delivering a service which is always grately appriciated and booked time after time.  Our work comes from recommendations which we are proud of.

The business consists of Sarah, Selma and David with a host of staff if the event needs extra manpower.

Sarah is our main coordinator to ensure smooth running of an event whether its an awards ceremony or a fashion show.

Selma is our Event and Party Planner and main contact for clients.

David is our all rounder dealing anything from emails, social media, planning.

But one thing about our main team, we all aid and assist eachother so we dont have individual roles but we utilise what we are best at.

We pride ourselves to give you a professional and reliable service and most importantly.  Letting you be a guest without having the stress.

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