2018 begins and we are excited


HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone from the GoEvents team

We are very excited for 2018 in supporting and assisting past, current and new clients with their parties, occasions, fundraisers and events.

It's important to us that you get the service that you require and because we don't have packages or strict guidlines to our services. we can tailor and bespoke our services and your events to your requirements so you know we can deliver everything you need.

Our event, charity management and planning is great for you to take advantage of as you will have access to our experience, knowledge and expertise to deliver and produce the best occasions, parties and events that you are after.  Event hospitality is important for any event as its all about making sure all guests and celebrity appearances get the service they need to give them a great impression on you and your event which we can assist with.

We are always developing our company to be able to be the go to place for all parties and events.  Now we can assist with event PR & Marketing with our partners Amandamosspr to reach out to your target audience.

Marketing and PR is an essential part of any business plan which we can help you with too and exposing you to magazine advertising in Lifestyle Magazine whether its quater, half, full or editorial. 

Many events we are involved in whether it is a charity or an industry event, can bring sponsorship opportunity for your company to benefit from the exposure and marketing that some of our sponsorships can bring.

Keep an eye out for GoEvents and have us in mind for any event, PR, Marketing needs as we want you to be a guest without having the stress.

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