An Hour For Others Launch Gala Ball


An Hour For Others approached us to support and assist them with their first event for the charity to launch and fundraise the good work they do in Liverpool.

They wanted us to help with the running of the event from when the guest arrives to assisting with the auction.

Prior to the event, we was on hand when needed to advise on the overall event activivies, what fundraising activities to do and the running order/times of the evening.

On the day of the event, we assist with any loose ends that our clients has ie, printing material, chasing things up to spare them of stress and time.

The event ran very well starting with checking guests in, doing table prizes on every table with the £10 in an envelope concept and then placing every envelope in the final draw were every had a change to win £250.  We had a unique idea for the auction which we had LED light up wands so they auctioneer visually see instantly where the bidders were as we would position ourselves with the bidders and wave the wands when they wanted to bid.

We are proud to have assiste An Hour For Others to launch the charity and spread the word of what they are doing in Liverpool and raising £5500 on the night.


For more information about An Hour For Others, please look at their website be clicking here.

For more information about our Charity Management, please don't hesitate to contact us today.

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