Everton In The Community Disability Awards


Working with Everton FC and Everton In The Community on their Disability Awards 2016 was an honour and a privilege because it was to celebrate the young people.  We started working with our clients approx 5 weeks prior to the event which wasn't at all a problem organising production and entertainment because the venue was previously booked.

We provided our clients with Planning, Management and Coordinating.  The team enabled our client to concentrate on their job role and responsibilities knowing everything was being dealt with regarding their event, if they had any questions, changes or concerns.  All they had to do was email or call us for a quick chat.

Making the event run smoothly and successfully without any issues is down to good communication and coordination which is why the week prior to the event we are in communication with all parties from client, venue, production company and entertainment so all issues or loose ends if any was dealt with.

Met with our clients of Everton FC and Everton In The Community the week before the awards to discuss all parties involved, days itinerary, awards running order, lockdown any loose ends and answer any questions.

The day of the event we started with calling our client to see how they were and if they had any questions before we headed to the venue to see how the production where getting on.  Arriving at the venue we realized there had to be a few changes to table layout due to being on-line with the stage which isn't good viability, so we discussed the situation with production rep, venue rep and discussed a solution which we did and we also changed the layout of the stage as we was getting a ramp access onto the stage so it was accessible for all guests for it not to be on the edge of the stage but integrated into the stage, which visually looked tighter and cleaner.  Once we resolved all minor issues which our client didn't have the stress or worry of dealing with, we then pursued on the days events of set up and managing.

We want to thank everyone involved from Andrew and his team who provided the production, Jennifer Ellison, Rob Tickle and Josh (choreographer) from Jelli Studios and dance troop for performing and Bryan Cox for entertaining the guest.

The Awards couldn't of gone any better than it did, we enjoyed every minute from selling raffle tickets, dealing with venue staff, catering, coordinating, showing guests to their seats.  We are proud to provide our service to our clients so they could host the awards, mingle with their clients and sponsors and enjoy the evening without having the stress.

Truly letting them be a guest.

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