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Planning a party or event is so exciting, but how much it can cost, can be scary. 

When our clients comes to us, it's to relieve them of time and take away the stress that planning an event gives them.  It also gives them reassurance that all aspects of their party of event is taken care of and safely in the knowledge that an Interest FREE Payment Plan option is available to spread the cost over a period of time to suit their needs.

One of our clients has taken out an 18 month plan but knowing that the plan covers all the of the event, has also given them the chance to go on a family holiday abroad which they never thought they could achieve with having their special day the following year.


How it works

We can offer Interest FREE Payment Plans from the start date you agree to the end date until everything is paid a minimum of 4-6 weeks before your party or event.  

First payment is alway deposits which may be higher than the regular payment option.  

Once a plan option is agreed there can be adjustments to your individual requirements at anytime, whether it's changing number of guests, extra services or removing services to your proposal.  Nothing is set in stone until your ultimately happy, we work with you every step of the way.


Do you want the reassurance that you can achieve all your ideas by having our payment plan?

Get in touch today and discuss your occasion and plan with the team today on 07539792471

Be A Guest Without Having The Stress

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