The service we provide is tailored to the requirements you want. We can be as involved as you want us to be whether its helping you plan the whole occasion or if your part way through and need us to assist you with the rest.

We can manage your event while you enjoy or network with your guests, or we coordinate so the event runs on time.

If you don't have time to locate venues or suppliers then we can save the time as we have supplier and venue partners.

GoEvents has something for everyone, if you don't see what your after on the website. Please do contact us because there isn't an aspect of event management and party planning we don't cover.


We take away the stress by planning part or all of your event so you can enjoy being a guest.


We take care of all the meetings, phone calls, negotiations, coordination and set up of your party or event


We make sure everything runs smoothly and effortlessly. Should any issues arise during the event, simply delegate to us so you can enjoy being with your guests.


We help you source the right venue along with reliable and trusted, caterers, venue dressers, props suppliers and entertainers.

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