Capture The Moment

Making a visual impact for business & events


We offer a video production service providing a professional, quality videos for all purposes whether it is to capture a moment or promote a business. Since 2018 we have done every type of videography in the UK and abroad.

Our team bring imagination and creativity to the filming of the video.

Have your own videographer to bring your ideas to a visual reality and exceed your expectations whether we film on the ground of in the air with our drone.

Few Of Our Previous Videos

We come to your business, party or event to film and create a vision, then edit the video to create the vision you had to become a visual statement to help promote your business.

Videos are good for all purposes: – to give a message to your target audience, marketing or promotional purposes.

Our videographer is very creative and versatile which means we are able to film and create different genres of film. From special occasions, sporting events, charity events, corporate events to documentaries, nothing is beyond our creativity.

How We Support You

We can support you in many ways with your videos by making an overall filming experience enjoyable.

Helping you create a YouTube channel

Sharing your videos on our social media platforms that reaches 10-15,000 per month.

We list your video on our YouTube channel so our subscribers and clients can see your video.

During the COVID-19 pandemic we decided to create a mini-series of interviews with business owners and individuals hearing their stories of how the pandemic affected them, their families, lifestyle and their business and seeing if they have been able to adapt and what they have learnt from the uncertain time.

As time has progressed over 12 months of dealing with the pandemic we decided to reboot the series with Changing Times Revisited going back to old interviewees on how they are coping and the current situation with their business.

Want to be a guest? Sharing your business journey and promote your business. Get in touch.

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